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How does VPN work?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the way of safe acces to the web via the intermediate-located VPN-server. Task of this service is hiding your online activity. VPN-server can be located for example, abroad from you. Govermental or private internet control, even if it has powerful computers and decryption algoritms, will concieder your connection as foreign. Your actual IP address will be completely hidden. The common way to identify your device or personality via the IP-adress is not actual after VPN-protocol applied, thanks to this service. Below is shown the structure of all process.
How does VPN work

How to make your VPN turn ON/OFF?
When VPN-connection has already been created in Windows, it can be turned on/off by clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop or by clicking on the "Network" icon in the taskbar:
Windows 7 Windows 10
VPN turning ON/OFF in Windows 7 VPN turning ON/OFF in Windows 10

When VPN-connection has already been created in iPhone, it can be turned on/off with several clicks:

When VPN-connection has already been created in Android, it can be turned on/off with several clicks:
Our ultimate benefits:

  • superfast VPN;
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec-PSK protocols supported via many platforms (Windows, Android, Linux, iOs), nothing else you need to install (OpenVPN is not needed, for instance)
  • No restrictive limits of traffic
  • Company's residence is European, so the liberty of your privacy and information exchange are guaranteed.
  • Servers located in Germany, Ireland and Japan, providing high average speed
  • Logs are not recorded. You use the network anonimously.
  • Fast to sign in.
  • Support in English 24/7
  • 24-hours tiral, no money needed
  • Fares:

    Our tariff policy is as simple as possible - we have only VPN Light and VPN Mult fariff plans that differ only in the multilogin option (the ability to use VPN simultaneously from several devices with a given login/password). The VPN Light plan does not provide multilogin capabilities, and VPN Mult plan allows you to make up to 10 simultaneous connections with given login/password. VPN Light has no other limitations compared to VPN Mult.

    VPN Light - 3,99 USD/month
    VPN Mult - 5,99 USD/month

    We offer a tiral within 24 hours. We don't ask your credit card numbers during the tiral.